We are inviting venture capital companies for investment in our unique concept and its prospects that can also be added to their successful venture capital investment list.

We have faceoftheyear.com  & www.facebook.com/faceoftheyear as well as Google+. It has a great potential to become your worldwide successful venture (with Multilanguage option) and will gain great popularity among young people in a small span of time. Following are the business plans related to it.



Achievement Contest / Survey / Competition:

It could be a very attractive contest / survey / competition for the selection of a person under different types of achievements.  Companies/organizations can actively start contest / survey / competition of their interest within their organization or on the basis of area / city / country / worldwide against our charges.   

Beauty Competition / Pageant:

 Face of the year could be only competition/pageant which gives equal chance to both beautiful girls and smart guys thus this unique quality can easily create a lot of interest among a large number of students & people in every country. It has just not only very attractive sound but most of the youngsters are already familiar as had widely conducted from decades without organized way in various countries, organizations, universities, communities, and cities in the shape of  different types of   Face of the year   OR   " .......of the year titles.  (Examples are available in Google through the search "of the year".) It could be more successful than Hotornot.com.


 Match Making

As Face of the year is already very familiar worldwide therefore its website could also very easily attract huge visitor in short span of time for online competition on the different basis (college, Area, City, Country etc.), it could have also option for match making similar to popular website Hotornot.com for earning purpose.


Stages of the Successful Launching Under:
Beauty Competition / Pageant (& Friendship portal) Type Business Plan:

Stage (1)   Launching online competition on www.faceoftheyear.com   website


***   Individual competition by cities and countries (Online Competition Type 1) :

-   Any individual can join as a basic member to participate in mobile app/website rating in his / her city as well as country basis contest.

-   Members can search with different criteria, vote them as well as send flowers and initial request for friendship to appear profile, after acceptance, only paid members can exchange emails. (paid membership, another way to earn through website besides cooperate membership fee & advertisements)

- Members/friends can promote another member in social media (FB / WhatsApp etc.) through sharing full size pictures for voting similar to TikTok or Snapchat. 


*** Universities competition (Online Competition Type 2):

-   After basic membership of his city/country, any student can also become a member of his / her University competition automatically through automatic university email id verification or competition admin approval.

-   All members pictures will be separately rated by his university as well as in the main competition of his city/country.

-   Volunteer members can become sub-admin / moderator.

- Members/friends can promote other members in social media (FB / WhatsApp etc.) through sharing full size pictures for voting. 


 *** Event Management / Corporate Companies (Online Competition Type 3) :

-   Any company can start their own employees face of the year  competition after becoming our corporate paid member. Their URL would be www.faceoftheyear.com/unilever


Stage (2)   Conducting worldwide beauty contest

In the 2nd stage, the "Face of the year" contest could be launched similar to Miss World / Miss Universe. Venture Capital Company can invite bidding from top worldwide event management companies for participation in city/country / worldwide franchise biding for conducting beauty pageant. In this way, it is possible to earn multimillion dollars from website advertisement / memberships, worldwide franchising, sponsorship, SMS voting, and media rights through this very much viable business plan. Miss World has been able to generate revenue of over 400 million US dollars through their yearly events.

 Face of the year has been registered (now expired but could be renewed) from United States Trademark Registry (Registration No: 3239108) / International Intellectual Property Organization. It also has full internet access through www.faceoftheyear.com & www.facebook.com/faceoftheyear as well as Google+.

We are open to discuss regarding business partnership offer for our project. Feel free to ask any query. 

Please note that we want to launch above under Canadian Start-up Visa Program. 

We expect to receive your positive reply at the earliest.

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